Friday, December 16, 2016

Is There Anything Out There?!

Yes, it's been awhile since I last posted, but a new vlog is up on the channel! Check it out here.

A lot has happened this year and I'm trying to get back on track. So bear with me. The hubby and I have welcomed a beautiful, baby girl to our family, and that alone has taken a lot of adjusting. Now I'm trying to get my mojo back and I'm starting with my hair. I'm not sure what curl type I have, but I'm assuming it is a type 4. I really want to wear my hair in a twist out. This style is something I have never perfected since going natural September of 2011.

So here's my dilemma. I have way too many products and want to try them all to see which ones work in my hair. I am tired of seeing videos of people with perfectly slicked back hair and super defined curls using products that are said to work for my hair type, only to be disappointed when I give it a try. I have challenged myself to find the perfect product for my hair that will help me achieve the styles I desire.

This is where I need your help. Click the link above to watch my video and leave a comment afterwards with your product suggestions. Also, don't forget to subscribe and follow my journey. Share the link with your friends so they can join in with us. Seriously, it is no fun creating videos for just myself. I would really like for you to tag along.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Bloggers Wanted!

Great new things are happening at Peppered Plum and I want you to be involved! If you are unfamiliar with Peppered Plum, let me briefly folk you in.

Peppered Plum is my online store that specializes in modest fashion apparel and accessories. The store originally started as The Accessory and focused on shoes, hair accessories and handbags. Now with a new name and renewed focus, I want to continue adding new features that include the input of my shoppers.

If you are interested in blogging for Peppered Plum, please follow the below link and answer a few questions. I will contact you via email with further information. I must add, if you are looking for a paid position, this is not for you.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Health or Length: The Struggle

     2015 has quickly come and gone! That's a lot of protective styles crammed in the year for me. This past September marked four years since going natural and the struggle is still real. Those familiar with my transition understand when I say I'm still transitioning. There may not be visible signs of relaxed ends, but my uncut hair is still trying to find its happy median in its ability to curl uniformly or comply with my hair products of choice. I don't care what anyone says! Natural hair is stubborn hair!

     With that said, I reminisce on the different styles I've done this year in an effort to protect my fragile ends and try to retain length. I always practice a no heat regimen throughout the year,  except for the one time a year I straighten it. This year I leaned heavily on my curly wigs. Nothing beats throwing on a wig and running out the door! I prefer ease and no drama when styling my hair. I also tried a crochet style for the first time this year. I liked it, but I think I would do it differently next time. Different hair. Different braid pattern.

     September and October I styled my hair with various ponytails. Curly ponytails, of course. My dilemma with these were the colors selected and those pesky combs. As far as colors, the 1Bs were too dark and the 2s were too light. Not to mention the 1 I mistakenly purchased. That was way too dark! But I made them work. For some reason the combs give me tender spots on my scalp and contribute to breakage. Yes, I can use bobby pins (which I do), but I want to make sure that hair is secure! I don't want to discover a video of me on YouTube "taking the limits off"!

     So I ask myself, "What is my true goal?" Why do i wear protective styles? Am I trying to ensure the health of each strand or am I trying to retain length? What am i trying to accomplish by limiting my use of heat? These are honest questions we need to ask ourselves periodically. Honest questions deserve honest answers. I'm wearing protective styles because my hair just will not cooperate and I do not have time to force it to comply every morning. Yes, I want my hair to be the epitome of health, but let's face it ...I just want thick bra-strap length hair. I'll insert here that my hair is finally bra-strap length, but it's thin and heavily layered from the breakage. Moving on. There's no use applying heat to my hair because it never straightens completely. After a warm shower it will revert immediately! Even though I wrap it twice , turn on the bathroom vent, and leave the bathroom door open. So my honest answer shows my honest struggle. There are no amount of YouTube videos I can watch or styles I can try to imitate that will alleviate this reality.

     What I have learned this year is an important lesson for me. I look like me, so don't get caught up trying to perfect someone else's look. I might as well enjoy the hair I have and style it to where I can enjoy it. When I'm bored with my hair, do another style. Send a selfie to a close friend who will help me refine the look I'm trying to go for. Wear a hat. Add a scarf. And when i take that second glance in the mirror, don't forget to smile! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Peppered Plum Now Open for Business

If you have been following my social media posts regarding my business revamp, you will be happy to know that the store is finally open! If you haven't been following, that's OK. Here's a quick recap. I started an online store back in 2007 called The Accessory that specialized in ladies clothing, shoes and accessories. Due to a few life changes, down falls, and moves I had to put it all on hold. Now I'm back with a complete store revamp - to include a name change, new vision, and revised mission.
Peppered Plum is the new name. The tagline is: Find it. Style it. Own it. I encourage you to seek out your style by purchasing items that show your uniqueness. Pair something you already own with an item from my shop and make it truly you! Then wear it with confidence!

As of today, I will post all items for purchase on my Instagram page. Follow me there at #pepperedplum. Although I was hoping the website would be done by now ... it's not. But soon you will also be able to shop at

Make sure you follow my social media accounts to stay in the loop for new items I add and special discounts for my subscribers. Future items will be added to my Pinterest board: Peppered Plum. Special discounts will be sent from my twitter account. Don't miss out!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Protective Styles for the Fall and Winter

Yay! I finally have a second video posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! I kid ... somewhat.

Anyway, this Fall I plan to keep my hair in twists and wear protective styles until early spring. Ever since going natural four years ago, I have not been too successful in maintaining length. It always grows to a certain length and breaks off. By keeping my hair in twists and refreshing them, as needed, I can better gauge my hair's health and length retention.

If you have read my earlier posts, you are aware that I do not cut or trim my hair. This makes it even more difficult to maintain even lengths, but its a challenge I willingly accept. By not cutting my hair, I know when a product really works for me and the hair issues I face, such as split ends, thinning, breakage and heat damage.

My review features two synthetic wigs that I have been wearing for the past three weeks or so. They are similar, but different! One is Model Model's Moon Walk in a 1B and the other is New Born Free's Spring in 1B. Check out the video and let me know what you think below.

If you haven't subscribed to the channel, go ahead and do so! I will do my best to post something fresh every now and then. Also, check out my Kinky Hair board on Pinterest! I'm sure you will find a hairstyle to inspire your next look.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

HELP! Craft Room Start and Storage Dilemma

Just the beginning of something great!

So this is happening! I'm finally starting on my craft room. This is something really needed since my hubby is tired of me leaving the sewing machine, serger, various threads and knick-knacks on the dining room table. Although the table was the perfect size and shape for projects, it was getting to look very messy and a hassle to clear when guests were expected.

So far, I have designated two joint walls for crafting and the other side of the room for a study/office space. The sewing desk is by Sauder and the craft table is from Sullivans USA. Sadly, I screwed a latch in too far and messed up the door and latch on my desk. So grateful Sauder agreed to replace both for me without a fee! Once those parts come in I can finish the desk and set it up to my liking.

The only other major item is my dress form by Sew Perfect that fits perfectly in her new corner beside my desk. I can't wait to try her out! Lastly, I need a way to store large bolts of fabric. I am making items for my online business and will soon have large quantities (think 20-100 bolt rolls) of fabric to store, along with scraps. I may start with a tall book shelf and keep folded fabrics stacked on them along with bins for scraps. However, I already have two bolts of fabric that were delivered on a roll. I really would like to keep them that way but have no way to store them. I really would like an economical way to store my fabrics that will keep them free from dust and fur. I'm a cat momma, so this is important!

Two bolts needing a home in my craft room.

How do you keep your fabric stored? Do you also have a nifty way to store large bolts of fabric? Let me know below!

I'm also keeping the furniture white so that my fabric and notions will add the splash of color I need. So much to do in so little time ... and such little space! Did I mention this is the spare bedroom in my medium-sized apartment?!

In need of organization tips and ideas for the home or craft room? Follow my pinterest board here. Happy crafting!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tide PODS Free & Gentle Laundry Detergent

Today I have another bzz agent review: Tide PODS Free & Gentle laundry detergent! This box came right on time, seeing I was low on cash and out of laundry detergent. My husband and I prefer detergents with pleasant smells so I wasn't sure how we would like this unscented, no perfume detergent.

The pods came in individual packages with simple instructions printed on them. Use one pod for small loads and two for large loads. Of course there were the safety instructions, such as do not puncture the pod, eat it or give to small children. You also do not want to handle the pods with wet hands or the dissolving cover will release its cleaning goodness and all will be wasted.

For my first test load, I chose to wash a wet, week-old pile of smelly towels. If the pods worked on these then I would be satisfied. I placed a full load of towels in the wash with two of the pods. Easy! The towels were actually clean and fresh smelling, not perfumy, at the end of the cycle. Yep, I'm impressed. Of course, I threw them in the dryer with a scented fabric sheet (I know, I know ... but I like what I like).

I would recommend the use of the Tide PODS Free and Gentle for those who are interested in detergents that are dye free, perfume free, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. They cleaned my clothes just as well as my regular detergent without masking odors. Would I buy them? Maybe. I always buy what's on sale, so if there is a major sale or coupon ... I just might! #gotitfree #secondskincare